bien magazine advises, future parent often do not know what surprises their kids have for them

Being a parent means having the patience of a saint

The world is swamped by manuals and guides. Many of them wisely explain how to raise a child, how to arouse its interest with the world, how to shape its personality. Millions of pages were devoted to wise parenting. But sometimes the guides are silent about what parents of young kids must face. A few words from Bien Magazine about the great, everyday heroism.

Silence is a guaranteed disaster

Probably every parent knows what it means when there is silence in the child's room. When no one cries, laugh, run around, ask about everything, it means that something bad is happening. The child is up to something sneakily, probably damages something or is being naughty. After those moments of silence, you can expect literally anything. Armani suit decorated with sequins, which cannot be peeled off. A wall, beautifully painted in all the colors of the rainbow. Water pouring out of the tub and storming the hallway. There are endless examples. Children are so creative that it's hard to figure out what they will be up to next. It is scary to even think what silence could mean in a room of two or three children.

Forewarned is forearmed

Here, Murphy's Law, claiming that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, is ideally suited. If you go on a walk with a small child, without fully checking the equipment of a parent-traveler, you can expect the worst. You will run out of diapers, toys, food, drink, beloved pacifier which cannot be replaced by anything else. Then the row will begin on the entire estate or park. It will look like you are a bad parent.

I will sleep longer during the weekend

Many parents tired of every night battles with a toddler that does not want to sleep, naively hope that they will sleep more during the weekend. But the toddler thinks nothing of a calendar, is completely indifferent to it whether it gets up at 6 am on Sunday or Monday. It is getting enough sleep, so assumes that everyone should already be on their feet. It is curious and wants to get to know the world. And the fact that you are barely alive? That is your problem!


The concept of "planning" with a small child or children should be excluded from a parent’s dictionary. Carefully planned in advance holidays for sure will be cancelled at least once, postponed or interrupted by baby’s illness. You cannot do anything about it. Just do not plan.

Definitely be late

If you have small children, you have to do everything before the deadline, so get up at 4 in the morning, not at 6 to do everything in time. If you happen to oversleep, do not count on not being late for work. Children will make sure of it. They have so many important things to do, they do not care for the time pressure, so they will do their own thing. If you are late, it is not their problem.

I'll take care of my outfit

All expectant parents are honestly warned that feeding your child can end up in many different ways. You must remember to never, ever feed them in your going out clothes, elegant dress or a suit. It is guaranteed that you will be decorated by the remains of baby food, juice, or parts of a spat out meal. You can count on your child burping on your shoulder.


Author: Bien Magazine

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