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The guest list and the wedding

The wedding can create many problems through both informing the guests of the wedding and inviting them for the wedding party. This is not the same thing, because some of the guests invited to the day do or the church won’t be invited to the reception and vice-versa. The bride and groom, who should really have the only decision making votes, can decide that people not as close to them shouldn’t attend the more intimate part other than the wedding party. Unfortunately here, the parents will voice their opinions; more often than not doing so because they think that by holding the purse strings allows them strong voting rights too. They then decide who they would like to see at the wedding of their children. This can create some misunderstandings and heated exchange of words. They can expect them to see many faces at their wedding they don’t even recognise. Bien Magazine explores the tricky topic below.

Two types of invitations

There are two types of invitations to the wedding. Some are the invites informing about the wedding, they only reach those who the groom and bride would like to see in the formal part of the day. The invitation to the whole day is more of a declaration as the people will be there for the whole party.

The rules of creating a guest list for the wedding and reception

The basic question that the young couple have to ask themselves is how many people will fit in the hired room or how many guests would they like to invite and then look for a venue.

The second thing is the budget that is planned for the wedding. It is important to establish straight away whether the groom’s parents will pay for their guests and bride’s parents for theirs or will there be an alternative division of costs.

The last thing – who will be invited?

On a guest list there will first be the parents and closest family of the bride and groom, god parents, grandmothers and granddads and other family like aunts, uncles, cousins. Then there will be the time to decide which friends to invite. It is important to establish whether they will all be invited with their plus one or not. Next on the list are friends of couple’s parents, because often the parents fund the wedding, so they can invite people the bride and groom have never met in their lives.

It is worth inviting the boss to the wedding, co-workers, neighbours and it is important to remember the people through whom the young couple met. The bride and groom can also invite people they owe something, are grateful for something or those who they promised an invitation, even if they were joking.


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