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Shopping – together or separately?

Mutual shopping can either be a great way to spend some time together or just a reasonably fulfilled duty. It’s good when a lady has a partner who likes to spend his free time in shops and doesn’t complain about her trying on too many dresses. Unfortunately, such men are unicorns and both sexes have a completely different approach towards shopping. We have asked a few people about their recipe for fun mutual shopping.

Pleasure vs common sense

The best way is not to take the other person to a place where they’re bound to be bored. If he doesn’t enjoy walking around clothes shops, don’t force him to. This works the other way around, so gentlemen, don’t force your ladies to visit electronics shops with you if they have no interest in this. Nevertheless, if you’re planning to buy something important, you should do this together. Two heads are better than one. Moreover, if one of you has shopaholic tendencies, it’s for the best that somebody with common sense will be there to keep an eye on your credit cards.

Shopping with her can be a lifesaver

If you hate buying clothes or shoes, take your woman to go shopping with you. She’s bound to bring you half of the store’s stock at one time to try on. And yes, trying things on will still be your problem. However, you surely will find something that suits you and the problem of shopping will be cleverly solved.

The brain and the host

If you do a good job in assigning roles, mutual shopping can be really fun. Let’s assume that one of you has a gift for finding discounts. If the other has a good sense of humour, they can pretend to be a host of some imaginary show and comment on the things that are going on around you. This should get both of you in a positive mood.

Lifesaver no. 2

It’s good to go shopping with a person who has a sense of style. Let somebody who knows something about fashion choose your clothes. This will be beneficial for you. You might look, as well as feel better. And, who knows, perhaps you might finally enjoy shopping?


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