Bien Magazine - People who don’t appreciate their partners work won’t be happy together

Your work is worth nothing

Very rarely, people who are in a relationship are able to work together. Then they both know very well what their daily work entails and how much energy they put in to it. Together they go through highs and lows; they both celebrate their successes and think how to overcome obstacles.

In a classic relationship both sides work in two different trades and places. Sometimes what they do is so different that both sides struggle to explain, how hard and stressful it is.  For example it would be difficult for a music teacher to understand his wife, who manages a big corporation, travels around the world and organises million dollar contracts – e.g. oil.

We can talk about our work, but to truly understand someone else’s job, we would have to be in their shoes for a few days, to get an idea of how our partner is feeling and what they have to go through. We expand on this below offering some relationship advice for women and men along the way.

Be careful what you say about your partner’s work

There are relationships out there in which partners, completely unnecessarily, compete between themselves on a work basis. This usually happens with people who have completely different jobs. How can you compare the work of a hairdresser and a psychologist? Each of them are really good in what they do, but they do two completely different things. In this situation, attacking the partner, saying that their job is not very important, because they don’t have to study all the time, finish courses, take part in competitions, is pointless. On the other hand, listening to a speech about how cutting hair is no philosophy and don’t have to be a genius to do it, is very hurtful. But it is usually how it goes. One attacks, the other counterattacks.

The most important job fight

There aren’t, luckily, tables which would specify exactly which jobs are important and which are non-important. Then and only then, a house war like this would make sense. You could have calculated how much energy you put into a job and how many people have benefited. But this is impossible. There is no point attacking your partner for having a job that’s not worth much.

The other thing that is even worse is rubbing it in who earns more and who earns less. Those discussions can easily and quickly end a relationship.

 You don’t do anything all day

This is one of the most hurtful, unfair and in addition untrue statements. There are jobs that require a lot of preparation, which usually happens at home. For example writing a book or managing your own business. If someone does not leave the house to go to work, that does not mean they don’t do anything all day, they can be working with much more intensity than those who went to work.


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