Relationship advice for women - men are afraid of women behind the wheel because they are no good with directions

Which way is West?

Scientists and many online magazines for women discovered an interesting phenomenon. Men’s brains know, without a compass, or any other clues, where north is. Nearly every man will be able to say, without any trouble, where roughly the magnetic North Pole is. Women cannot do this at all. She has no idea where East is until she sees the sun rising above the horizon. Sometimes she also gets confused when asked to quickly identify the left or right side.

West is somewhere there

We asked our editorial female friends where West was. They were spinning round hopelessly, looked outside of the window, but unfortunately they didn’t find any clues there, because it was an early afternoon and the sun was high in the sky. They ran round the office and pointed simultaneously into different directions saying: ”West is somewhere there, but we have no idea where exactly”. Afterwards they asked why on Earth they would have to know that.

Woman, where did you take us?!

Men, usually not knowing about this fact often become cross with women about not recognising general directions or the directions of the world. Trips, were a woman is in charge of the navigation may end up getting lost or getting somewhere where you did not plan to go. This is not her fault. She is not being annoying and wanting to trick everyone on purpose. She just does not know where West or North is.

Men’s brains, as checked by the scientists, have the ability to see spatially. Besides they have more iron in their bodies, which work as sort of a magnet all by themselves. Men know where North is without even engaging their conscious. Once again we need to clarify that women have no idea about it, in respect of this their brain is completely differently developed.  

Left which means right

Many women have huge problems with distinguishing directions – left and right. You’d think that this is the easiest thing in the world, but many women have to look at their hands, to establish which side is right and which is left. Only a glance at the watch is enough or a wedding ring, to remember which side is which.

Reversing is a nightmare!

Women hate reversing their cars and turning in the same time. In many instances they turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction than they want to go. They turn left assuming that the car will reverse right. And it does something completely opposite. And be wise here!

Then again a man should not shout at a woman in this situation. She simply thinks that she is doing the right thing. To turn correctly she has to think about it for a moment.


Author: Bien Magazine

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