Online dating tips - Dinner in the dark allows you to activate senses, allowing the guests an unforgettable experience

Dinner in the dark - an intriguing idea for a date

We are dominated by the sense of sight. Other senses are subordinated to it, usually pushed aside. First of all - we see the world, then we listen, smell, touch and taste. How about breaking free for a while from the terror of sight and treat yourselves to a real experience, a date in the form of dinner in the dark? It is worth experiencing such moments, because it is absolutely incredible fun and a very unique date idea. Those who have not tried will not know.

The first such experiment was performed in Lithuania and quickly a dinner in the dark turned out to be a real hit.

How does dinner in the dark work?

In a special restaurant, because not all of them offer this type of service, you will be able to try this extraordinary experience. Of course, you need to book a table much, much earlier, because the restaurants that "cater" for a dinner in the dark, are currently experiencing a renaissance, and the influx of visitors is monstrous.

In this type of restaurant it is, as a rule, a special place for guests, a sort of a waiting room, where the light is somewhat muffled. The idea is to slowly get your eyes used to the darkness. Special guides introduce guests to the hall, lead to the tables, because guests, without their help, would never find their place. Waiters walk around the room with night vision googles. There are also restaurants where the waiters are blind.

Dinner is a series of challenges

You sit in total darkness, you do not even see your own hand. There is no way you can see your partners face. And then your other senses just "switch on". You start to hear a lot more than normal, you reach the smells, the existence of which you had no notions, you touch objects around you and are overwhelmed with a real surprise. Oh, this is a glass? How perfectly smooth, cool to the touch is a glass! And this is a fork? It is so cleverly designed! Suddenly, you realise how much you can "see" with the other senses, how much, in fact, your sight limits you, how much charm it takes away from the surrounding reality.

A touch of the hand of another person - a truly electrifying experience! You can also try to kiss in the dark, the only question is if you can find your partner’s lips?

Brilliant experience for the senses

Once you familiarise yourself with the space around you, you will know where the plate is, where you can find a glass, wine and cutlery, there will come the time for what is most important – the meal. It is truly an indescribable experience for the senses. Try to recognize the meat that you have, salad. And maybe it is not a meat? Does the salad consist wholly of the products you know? It may be that what you know almost by heart, will taste completely different, more expressive, amazing?

Try this together and you will experience something you certainly did not expect to!


Author: Bien Magazine

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