Household cleaning tips - Bicarbonate soda can work wonders in the house

Few ideas for the use of bicarbonate soda

Sodium hydrogen carbonate which is also known as sodium bicarbonate can be found amongst others in baking powder or as an additive to many food items. Bicarbonate soda is also used in medicine and cleaning products because it absorbs moisture and unpleasant smells. In our articles we offer some tips on household cleaning with bicarbonate soda.

Bicarbonate soda removes grease and stains

Bicarbonate soda and water solution works well for cleaning the cookers, microwaves, ovens or even kitchen worktops. It successfully removes even old grease which would be hard to get rid of using other products.

Bicarbonate soda is also great when cleaning old types of irons where on the bottom there would appear dark, rusty stains of burning. All it takes is to use a coarse side of the sponge previously soaked in the bicarbonate soda and water solution to remove the stains in a heartbeat.

Thanks to bicarbonate soda we can also remove the stains from carpets, sofas and armchairs. It can even get rid of old stains which are very hard to get rid of. To do this we need to rub the bicarbonate soda into the stain and leave for few hours, cleaning the area with hot water afterwards.

Bicarbonate soda helps to remove unpleasant smells

Powdered bicarbonate soda will help remove unpleasant smells from an apartment, clothes, shoes and cars. Places where unpleasant smells stay for a long time, we need to add on a small plate only a few spoonfuls of soda or leave a bicarbonate soda and water solution in a mug. This will absorb all the unpleasant smells in a day.

Bicarbonate soda in the bathroom

Thanks to great cleaning and whitening properties, bicarbonate soda will help us clean dirty, old grout between the tiles. We only need to rub it in and leave for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water.

Soda will whiten all the marks on the bath, sink or a shower. Any of those surfaces we can clean with the bicarbonate and water solution. If the material used to make the bath, sink etc allows for scrubbing, then we can use powdered bicarbonate soda.


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