healthy lifestyle for children, a child, whose parents ensure its development, will do well in adulthood

How to build confidence in a child

High self-esteem is the key to success in adulthood. But this is not born by itself. You have to earn it. However, you can help your child not to have to go through this difficult process as an adult, at a time when they already have been through a lot, as this often strongly hinders the building of confidence. It is worth teaching your child self-confidence and it will pay off in the future. Here some of our best tips for child care and building confidence in a baby.

What are your strengths?

Parents often forget that children hear and remember everything that reaches them. Therefore, they must be very careful when with a child not to speak ill of themselves, their achievements and their life, because the child will emulate this behaviour and talk this way.

The parent must also, from the beginning of their child’s development, pay attention to the strengths of the toddler, talents, what makes it different from its peers and then support those qualities or skills.

Praise and appreciate

The child must be praised even for little things, small achievements because it will want to continue to prove it can do even better. In this way, your child will learn how to have aspirations, goals and the need for improvement. The more the child will be praised for increasingly bigger achievements, the greater the pride will grow in them and the need to raise the bar for itself.Create a place in the home, board or wall where your child will be able to capture their achievements. It will hang its diplomas, photos and put the trophies on it. It must be a place just for the child. A place of permanent, unambiguous and positive emotions.

Support the development

Do not limit the imagination of a child; do not let the talent or talents go to waste. If it wants to try playing hockey, it is within its right to do so, if you can afford it of course. If the whole thing ends after a few practices, do not reproach the child. Equipment for hockey can be given back or sold. Do not keep it in the cupboard as a visible sign of failure. Remember that talent is sometimes discovered after years or even decades of experimentation, we don’t know right away what we are good at.


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