It’s vital to create a positive atmosphere in your office that will prevent killing each other.

The office etiquette – things you cannot do at your office

Working with other people is not easy. Everybody who works in an office knows that. If you want to be a person who is liked by both the co-workers and the management, you have to obey the rules of the office etiquette. In this article, you will find a few tips on how to do that.

Criticising others out loud

It’s obvious that you can’t always like the things your co-workers say or do. Nevertheless, the best thing you can do in situations like this is to say nothing. Criticising others out loud is the worst scenario. Primarily, you will hurt their feelings. Secondly, you will gain an enemy who might want to get back at you. Don’t criticise anyone’s way of life, behaviour or clothes, because none of these things is your business.

Don’t be a pessimist

There are few people who like pessimists. Pessimists draw pleasure from denying every idea of their co-workers. If your behaviour has a negative impact on the entire team, your boss will definitely find you a different position in the company. And who knows what that position might be?

Reading your emails out loud and listening to loud music

This is a terrible habit that concerns many people who work in an office. Nobody knows why they read their email messages to everybody in the room. This is harmful to others who would like to focus on their job, but instead, they have to listen to some jibber-jabber they have completely no interest in. Moreover, by reading your email messages aloud, you may reveal classified information.

Listening to loud music is the same pair of shoes. Primarily, your co-workers may have a completely different musical taste than you do. Secondly, they may find loud music distracting.

Stealing food from the fridge

Another vital rule is to keep your hands away from what’s not yours in the company refrigerator. Nobody will show understanding in a situation where their lunch has gone missing. What’s more likely is that they will make their revenge.

A beauty parlour behind your desk

Painting fingernails in the office is something that women find acceptable, but men just can’t stand it. You may hide the nail polish in your desk drawer, but its tedious scent will float around the office for a long time. Therefore, you should spear such doubtful pleasures to your co-workers.


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