Marrying a daddy's girl is like marrying your father-in-law, follow our relationship tips

What's it like to be a daddy's girl?

Here at Bien Magazine we decided today to talk about this touchy subject and offer some relationship advice for men.

There are girls whose relations with their fathers can be defined as specific. It's an exceptional relationship in which they are each other's closest friends. There are situations in which a father brings up his daughter on his own and he wants to be a substitute for both parents. Sometimes a man begins to understand that “girls are different” once he becomes a father. He has not found fulfillment in the role of a husband, he has never managed to understand his wife, but he would do anything for his little girl. Besides, a father can be more understanding, he can be a friend that a daughter can talk to. Unlike a mother, who orders to do chores and has tendencies to grumble. Of course, such a scenario is not adequate for every family.

A spoiled daddy's girl

There are cases in which a fatherhood takes on an extreme form. This is when a father spoils his daughter to the limits, regardless of her age. For a woman like that, her dad always will be, and always has been, the role-model of a man. A typical daddy's daughter always takes her father's advice regarding anything that concerns the man's world. A poor chap who would take her as a wife is going to be condemned for competing with his father-in-law for the rest of his life.

A daddy's daughter is positive that her husband won't be able to take care of many things. Therefore, she doesn't even bother to ask him for help. Instead, she asks her father. Moreover, in her mind, her father knows everything. So why should her husband bother finding a solution?

Gentlemen, beware of such women!

My husband is a loser

Each time a woman asks her father for help, it's like she's trying to tell her husband “You're a loser! Don't do anything because you're only going to break it! I'm going to call for a professional.” Such women may as well order a T-shirt with a caption “My husband is a loser.”

A terrible marriage

A marriage with a daddy's daughter is just the same as a relationship with a mummy's boy. The only difference is that it's the father who listens (with great pleasure) to detailed stories about the problems at work, as well as in marriage. He gives precious bits of advice, shows support and criticises the husband or the boss, or both. He will always keep his little girl's side, no matter what.

Moreover, such a father always knows how his daughter's boyfriend or husband should behave.


Author: Bien Magazine

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