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How do men love?

From many studies we can see that men are far more sensitive and love stronger than they care to admit. Common ideas which say that men have problems with feelings and expressing emotions, are far from the truth. Bien Magazine investigates.

Love from the first sight

As it turns out it is actually men who fall in love more often. They believe that you can love a few times; they don’t believe that the first love is the only one. Because men base a lot on sight, they are able to decide much quicker whether they are attracted to a woman and whether they want to date her or commit.

Men, more than women, believe in love from the first sight. They also think that it can end and after that there will be another woman and another object of lust and fascination.

Men love extremely

Men feel the falling in love faze strongly. Many even said they felt drunk in love. Sometimes they overreact in love situations. A man in love can be even dangerously jealous, sharp, and abrupt when he has to fight for the woman he loves.

Men are also more dramatic when they break up with their partner. They can fall into addiction, alcoholism or on the other hand get involved in a situation that is dangerous to their lives, because they think they lost everything and they no longer care about anything.

Men are more used to their partners

Unfortunately the above statement does not mean that every man will be loyal to his lady. Sometimes men’s morals are quite elastic. They say they love their girlfriend or wife above all, but they still happily look around for other women. This means that the captors instinct is stronger than their will.

None the less, what’s more interesting, is that research shows men are more sure of their feelings, they show them better on a barometer of either one or ten. They either love or hate. Women often show their feelings on a more reduced level, ranging from five to seven on a one to ten scale. 


Author: Bien Magazine

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