How to talk on a picnic date  to make it an unforgettable experience

Dinner in nature - an idea for a date

If you are looking for an idea for an intriguing, remarkable date, our idea may interest you - get your sweetheart on a dinner-date amongst nature, in the woods or in the park. Such unique date ideas will surely be appreciated, because dinner has to be prepared by yourself and all the necessary boxes have to be ticked to make the date a pure pleasure. And here is what to remember!

Select the place

If the person you invite on a date likes to hike in the mountains, and carrying a heavy backpack is not new for her, you can invite her for a dinner-date in the mountains. Ideally, you need to make sure the weather is warm as you may not return home for the night. Therefore, you must not only prepare the supper accessories and food, but everything necessary to spend the night under the stars.

If, on the other hand, you like to enjoy the mountains but as pictures on your desktop, you can choose a dinner-date in the park. You just need to check which park is open long enough and, above all, find out if you will not be thrown out of it.

What to take with you?

If you go into the mountains, you definitely need to bring food that does not require special care during transport and one that will not crumble to pieces when you remove it from the box. Do not forget to bring water or juice in sufficiently large quantities. If you anticipate making a fire, you can bring everything needed to make hot drinks.

A well-filled picnic basket will help you organise a brilliant dinner-date in the park. Here you can store food that is more exquisite or delicate. You can, if you manage to pack everything well and carry it to the spot, bring with you glasses and a tiny bottle of champagne.

Of course, do not forget about plates, cutlery and cups. Especially good ones are paper or plastic plates and cups. And, of course, a suitably sharp knife – if you anticipate that something will have to be divided into pieces or peel the skin off fruit. And, finally, of course, napkins. They are a necessity you cannot go without. If you can, buy a special gel, which allows you to "wash" your hands without water or provide wet wipes- your date will certainly appreciate such a gesture.

Date night in nature

I do not think there are many people in this world who would not enjoy the mood of a night dinner in nature. If you take candles with you, that you arrange around the blanket laden with delicacies, you can expect that this dating will never be forgotten.


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