women's magazines online, there are many myths regarding caring for babies which need to be solved

Myths about babies

Increasing our knowledge about newborns especially the first few months of their lives allows us to leave the old beliefs behind. As it turns out many things that our grandmothers or mothers said is just not true. Bien Magazine looks at few myths regarding newborns.

Sleeping on the stomach

In the past there was a common misconception that the baby should be put to sleep on their tummy. The studies show that in this position babies have an increased chance from choking than if they slept on their backs. Lying on their stomachs is much more dangerous for the newborns.

Daily baths

It was once decided that a daily bath was a must when it comes to newborns. As studies show, a little baby sweats much less than an adult, therefore they can be bathed every 2-3 days. Also, bathing too often can dry the child’s skin, which then needs to be moisturised more often.

3 hourly feeds

The ‘70s and ‘80s brought a belief that a child has to be woken up every 3 hours for a feed. It didn’t matter whether it was hungry or not. It had to eat. This is another belief that we must leave behind. The child will let us know on its own when it is hungry. There is no point disturbing a sound asleep child only to wake them up to eat.

Classical music

Someone spread the word that classical music develops intelligence and sensitivity in a child. Unfortunately, scientists, against all odds, have not found any proof of that. It is absolutely true that the music in itself is good for children, but classical pieces will not create a genius.

Sleeping in a quiet and dark room

An old school technique is for a child to have a peaceful environment to sleep in, for it to be in complete silence and for the room to be dark. Everyone would walk around the house on tiptoes, whispering and trying to minimise all sounds of daily living - This is another myth. The child can get a great sleep in a home that is buzzing with life. The problem starts when a child is used to a quiet environment and a dark room. These requirements then become the norm and can cause difficulties in later years. For example the child will not fall asleep in a car, on a plane, in kindergarten, a hotel or any place which is just not ‘suitable’.


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