relationship advice for women, don’t let your man put all the responsibilities on you because that’s how he was brought up by his mother

Don’t be his mother

A mother is one of the most import ant people in everyone’s life. In practice we can see that mothers are usually more emotionally attached to their sons than daughters. This is of course not a rule, but life shows us that mother-son and father-daughter setups are most popular.

The mother, sometimes, is overprotective and possessive over her son. Usually she does everything for him, tries to protect him from all of life’s unpleasant moments and disappointments, and at the same time shields him from challenges and becoming an independent grown man. Bien Magazine advises.

Used to woman’s care

Every one of us can point out men who learnt at home that a woman has to look after them and complete many household chores, because their mothers used to do that. What’s worse is those men are convinced they are too delicate and sensitive to have the real contact with the world, which is not letting anyone off easy. Men like this at all costs will look for a partner who will substitute their mum and take on her many roles. She will take care of him, fight for him on his behalf and of course protect him from the world.

What does protecting from the world involve?

Spoilt by his mother, man, does not expect a fallout shelter. It will suffice that he will not have to be involved in daily issues. This way a woman will do shopping, sort things out at the bank, will haggle for the best price to fix the car at the garage and call a plumber when the kitchen sink starts to leak. The guy will not have to arrange anything, try to fix things and what’s most important – won’t be responsible for anything.

How not to break a guy?

Mummy’s boy can be the most charming, sensitive and understanding person. He can be the best friend you can have. But he usually is a very difficult partner, because he is used to having everything done for him, being stroked on the head and explained that the world is not always fair.

Someone like that is not exactly a grown man, more like a grown-up child. What can you do to not resign from a relationship with a nice man but also not get pushed in to the mother’s role?

You have to expect much more from a man like this, more than he can apparently take. When he completes an important task, he has to be praised and told that this is how real men act. And that’s the end of caresses. Straight after that he has to be given twice as many tasks and responsibilities, because in a relationship both sides have to give equally as much as they take out.

You also have to do something that mummy’s boy will definitely not like. You have to ruthlessly cut him free from his mother’s care and explain to her what lines have been drawn and what she cannot interfere in. This is not an easy process and these conversations are not easy to have, but there is no other way. Otherwise what you fix, the mother will break, explaining that the women exist to serve men.


Author: Bien Magazine

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