Many people think, for unknown reasons, that they do not deserve love. Here is some relationship advice for women and men

Why am I having trouble finding love? - Part 1

Psychologists for many, many decades talk about a very important symbiosis - what you think, turns into how things work. Thought is so powerful that it becomes the truth of a person's life. That is why it is so important to think well about ourselves and the world in order to attract the best possible situations.

Accordingly - people who claim to have trouble finding love are, unfortunately, guilty themselves. They are not tormented by bad fate, they are not entirely isolated in a world where no one understands them. They themselves, by their own thinking and beliefs, are making it difficult for themselves to find love. Bien Magazine digs a little deeper.

False imaginations that block openness to love

There are many false images that block the chance of finding love. Somehow they do not let it come. Read these beliefs and see if you do not live the same way, since you have trouble finding your "other half." If any of the ideas are similar to yours, the first thing you need to do is start fighting them intensely. Afterwards you need to create the opposite in your life and cultivate it in your head.

The first list of false beliefs

This list contains ideas, of course, based on untrue ideas, about the feeling itself:

- True love only happens once in a lifetime (it seems true if you lost an extremely close person, but it is not said that you cannot find another one),

- In second love there is no extreme heat, as in the first one (and fortunately, because the first love is based „falling in love”, and is caused by a chemical reaction in the brain),

- Love hurts (if you were unsuccessful the first time, or the second, it proves nothing - you have to keep looking until you find it),

- Love requires a lot of sacrifices (what kind and why? Try to answer this question)

- Love is a beautiful flower densely covered with spikes (this is the phrase used by people who did not bother to work on their relationship - you can live together all your life and love each other more with every passing day, but you must try to do it, because it will not come on its own),

- It is very difficult to find true love (another common truth - the question of whether the one who preaches it really looked for love or was discouraged after the first failure, because seeking means not stopping until you reach the goal and this is not easy),

- love happens to those who are chosen (and who is the chosen one - if you claim that you are not part of their group, then you count yourself in, at the end of the day, no one stops you!).

The second list of false beliefs, "there is something wrong with me"

On this list there is a number of bizarre beliefs assuming there is something wrong with the speaker. It is worth thinking about why thoughts like this are created. If you concentrate properly and focus, you will find the answer to every question. Here are some odd beliefs:

- I have exhausted the limit of love,

- I do not fit anyone,

- No one can love me,

- I destroy all my relationships,

- I cannot love,

- I have bad luck in love,

- I always get the wrong partners.

You have to ask yourself - how much of it all are just hurtful and untrue thoughts and are you a little bit right in certain areas? Here everyone has to answer for themselves. One thing is certain, if you realise what your problem is, you can handle it.


Author: Bien Magazine

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