online dating tips - Often plus size girls are afraid to date

Plus size girl on a date

As we see in many women's magazines online, these day the attractiveness of a woman is measured in inches. The less of them in wait or hips the better. This is what all the adverts, internet, magazines and TV show. There isn’t in it even a bit of truth, media usually show  actresses or models who nearly starve themselves to death to look good on a magazine cover, movie stage or runway.

Plus size girls are equally as sexy and tempting as any other girls. They should not feel bad because of the way they look.

Plus size are attractive

As the life experience shows us, people who are overweight are usually nice, more pleasant and happy than their starved and dried out equivalents. Plus size girl has a lot of charm. Women with full shape were given many assets from mother nature. They either have an gorgeous smile, beautiful eyes or lips. Sometimes they have the most  amazing porcelain skin which any model would be jealous of. Not out of place is the full bust which attracts men.

When going on a date make sure to accent all your assets and expose them well. Then no one will even notice whether you carry any extra kilograms.

You can master your look by adding a lovely dress, interesting hair cut. Nothing in this world will replace a natural personal appeal, sense of humour, being yourself. Those are your biggest assets. The size does not matter.

Love yourself and you will date every day

Even the most beautiful and slimmest woman can turn out to be the biggest dragon and the worst dating partner. The size of clothes you wear does not matter here at all. It is important how much you actually accept yourself, how proud of yourself, your achievements and talents or intellect you are. If you accept yourself you will also love your body. You will subconsciously send out signals that you are fulfilled and happy. And then you will become attractive to men, they will fight over you. It all depends on how you feel about yourself.

Don’t harm your own body

This advise is not important while dating but in life in general. Scientists say that they are people who have genetic problems with losing weight. Obviously this does not excuse eating without limits or lack of exercise. But don’t hurt your body by using all those fad diets, because they may not give you any results but they will harm your health and psychological health.


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