Bien Magazine advises to be a little bit mysterious on your first date

How to get a man - don’t give all your secrets away

Men are silent, women talk – this is a common stereotype which in many cases is true. Before the first date, ask yourself an important question – how much time do you spend on revealing your secrets to your friends, colleagues and workmates. You might find out that you are prone to revealing things about yourself too much. Online magazines for women advise.

Mystery is your shield

It is important to understand the attractiveness of a secret. Why does everybody want to know it? Why is it so alluring? It is because it is a secret, the unknown. It is exciting and fun to try and decipher the clues to reveal the secret. Consider it from another point of view; Information that is known and available to us, is this as attractive? If you get something straight away without any effort, you don’t appreciate it. The same happens on a date.

The less you say about yourself and more secrets you keep the more attractive you will be to the man that you are seeing. He will want to get to know you better and to conquer your heart.

Men “overheat” quickly

The second issue with having a conversation with a man is about the amount of information given to them at one time. If you tell a guy a lot about yourself all at once it is possible that he will feel lost in the information overload.

Saying it jokingly – he will overheat. Remember that men only have one train of thought. If they concentrate on something they like to really get into the topic. If there is talk about work, there needs to be a whole conversation about it.

It is also important that during the date you don’t jump too much from topic to topic.


Author: Bien Magazine

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