relationship tips and advice, living with a person who is always right is a living hell

I am perfect

Relationship advice for women and men on this touchy subject. Life is stressful, rushed, full of vague hints and hurtful situations. Sometimes it is very hard to stop ourselves from being nasty or mean to our closest friends because the day was bad. At work the boss constantly had a problem with something, co-workers didn’t want to help, the policeman completely unfairly gave you a ticket and in the shop we smashed a bottle of juice which dirtied our clothes. There is a strong will required and a level of self-control not to take it out on our family.

People without faults

There are a type of people who are convinced they know better, do everything better than others. In every aspect they are above other people and with every step they prove their superiority. People like this will always point out to others what they did wrong. They will criticise their wife for dinner, because in their opinion it could’ve been better or have better flavours. They would of course add spices to it like a trained chef. The problem is that the person never cooked anything and when they didn’t burn the boiling water in a pan, they talked about it for a month and was as proud as a peacock.

People like this will lecture children on how they should prepare for classes even though they were the worst student in the class and passed purely based on luck.

There is no topic that they wouldn’t know. There are no conversations they couldn’t add their five pence to. They know how to pilot a plane, cross stitch, designs clothes. They are the most just judges and the most objective critic. A perfect person.

People with mega insecurities

A life with someone like that is on an anguished road. They will always find a reason to criticise, everything will be not as – in their opinion- it should be. They will forcefully try to fix the whole world and will impose their will on others.

The problem is that the person “without faults” is actually a collaboration of all their faults and insecurities. They didn’t accept themselves, never understood their nature therefore nothing is good enough for them. They are very often a life loser who blames the whole world for their failures. Everyone is at fault that they didn’t make it in the world, they on the other hand didn’t do anything wrong. They say life treated them unfairly. Therefore they try to make other peoples’ lives harder. It is a kind of revenge for their defeat.

How to live with a “perfect person”

This is a very hard task and a big challenge. It can both happen to men and women equally. Someone like that has to be taught that this behavior is not acceptable and must be forbidden from criticising everything they cast their eyes on. There are people who will understand what they are doing and will change straight away. Unfortunately there are those who just don’t get it. If there is still time not to get more involved with this destructive person it is worth splitting up.

If someone decides to stay in a relationship like this, it is of life or death importance that they draw a line that the “perfect person” can’t cross. They have to be logically proved that in some instances they are wrong. You cannot let them dominate you.


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