Relationship tips for women, lone spouse or partner holidays do not necessarily mean the end of the relationship

Separate holidays – is it a good idea?

Should spouses go on holiday together? Many will say - "oh, of course, At the end of the day they are married, are together for the good and bad times, so why should they decide to travel two separate ways?". Others find that such separation does not harm anything. But the most important is the context in which such decision is made. Bien Magazine advises.

Holidays at different times

This problem affects a large number of working people living in relationships. It happens that they cannot get the same time off work and if they also have children, they plan the holidays around the school times. There is no reason to fall into paranoia and panic that the relationship falls apart, because both of them will have a holiday at different times. But it is still worth talking about this issue. You have to explain to the children that there is nothing wrong, and only one of the parents did not get the time off when the rest of the family is free. Adults also need to talk about it!

Different preferences

Definitely people who are living together and can accept the differences of interests in their partner should be respected. It happens that one of the spouses loves hot sea and crowds of people in the summer and the other will happily wander alone in the mountains. It is difficult for both to find pleasure in such diverse areas. It is important that both of the spouses could explain the situation and not be forced to change beliefs just for the sake of being together for two weeks. Since they are still together and are able to accept their differences, they should treat their holiday separation the same.

Separate holidays make the relationship stronger

It also happens that people somewhat got slightly bored with each other, tired of their everyday life, so not to provoke a bad state or bad emotions, they decide on separate holidays. If this decision was accepted fully by both parties, separation can bring very good results. People will start missing each other, from the distance they will see that what seemed to be so every day and ordinary in their partner, is actually attractive and builds the strength of the relationship.

I am so glad to have the house to myself!

Unfortunately, there are also those couples who love the moment when their partner closes the door and the person staying behind has a "peace of mind" and no one annoys them. Is there any need for a comment here?

Such an unnatural relationship raises only one question - why are those people still somehow together, because I think there is no “together” life there. Why suffer and wait impatiently for the desired two weeks of your partner’s holiday when you can resolve the matter and have the whole house just to yourself. Throughout the year.


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