relationship tips for women, life with a tyrant is a string of pain and we shouldn’t count on a wedding to change anything

Should I marry a tyrant?

During an elegant and posh dinner party two teenagers meet, children of very wealthy parents. One notices that the family of the other one arrived late when the welcome speeches were made. The other teenager comments on the situation:

“We were late because of my father. He changed several times because his outfit didn’t go with my mum’s purse”.

Many will laugh about this story. The problem is that this is a true story. The businessman’s wife terrorised him so much, that he had to change his outfit to match her purse, which the tie and shirt clashed with. How to live with such a woman?! Bien Magazine investigates this.

Tyrant – her and him

A tyrant is not only a person who uses violence against other people; this person threatens them, is cruel and expects unquestionable obedience. The tyrant can also be canning, nice and seemingly friendly. It turns out that both men and women have sometimes such character traits which don’t allow them to subordinate. Those people always have to be right, their way of thinking has to always be accepted by their family, all close people have to be completely and utterly subdued.

The tyrant always knows better and they always have the last word. No one else, beside them, can make any, even tiny, decisions, not even mentioning the big ones.

How to recognize a tyrant (him and her)?

If one of the partners in a relationship feels smothered by the other person, they constantly have even the tiniest of mistakes pointed out to them, they constantly feel guilty and their self-worth, as a human being, is questioned on every step – that means there are in a relationship with an emotional tyrant.

Does a relationship like this have a chance of happiness?

The human brain, unfortunately, works in an odd way, often against its own master. If we were to offer someone living in a toxic relationship a way to end the misery, we would hear that it is impossible to end the relationship, because they love the person who constantly puts them down. Psychologists have already, a long time ago, realised the mechanism for defending the torturer.

There is no point to lie and delude ourselves that a tyrant, regardless of their sex, will change after a wedding into someone lovely, agreeable and a subdued person. If before the wedding during the time of courtship and engagement, they are already often cruel, we can be 100% sure that after a wedding when they will have the other person, “victim”, for themselves, they will spread their governance. Everything will worsen.

No one should marry a tyrant

This is the only thing we can suggest. You cannot get married to a tyrant. A person like this definitely has many assets, but if the need to destroy good relationships with people is domineering in them and they have to force everyone else’s obedience, the other person will be living a daily, repetitive nightmare.


Author: Bien Magazine

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