personal development top tips - to like yourself it requires a lot of work, but the effects are worth it

How to like yourself?

Only the person who fully accepts themselves, forgives all their misalignments, stops criticising the way they look or their own character traits and will do anything to change the things they don’t like in themselves, can truly be happy. The path to acceptance and liking yourself is unfortunately painful, hard and long. A process like this usually takes years. Therefore it is worth trying to accept yourself as soon as you have the awareness of what makes you tick and see the good in yourself. There are few methods from our experts at Bien Magazine, which will definitely help with that.


This is not an easy task – to be grateful to yourself for anything. It is easy to be express gratitude to someone else when they do something nice or good for us. How to be grateful to yourself? This entails being proud of everything that you achieved every day, habits you changed and bad patterns that you broke. This way you can be grateful to yourself for a good idea or reaction which would usually be different and could have led to frustration. You can also be grateful to yourself for the ability of making hard decisions and not regretting it no matter what the consequences. If the decision turns out to be good, appreciate yourself for living your life well. There are hundreds of reasons for daily gratitude to yourself. Important thing is – they have to be written down daily.

Looking after your needs

Many people live for others – parents for children, children for parents, people for work, friends for other friends. When we tell someone to look after themselves, they straight away feel that is it bad and egoistic behaviour. There is nothing more from the truth. Living for others is a great thing but you cannot forget about yourself.

How to find out what you want? You have to allow yourself to try different experiences and activites. Have time just for yourself, reward yourself for both the small and big achievements. Listen to yourself – no one else knows better than you what is most important for you and what makes you happy.

Be understanding towards yourself

When you realise that you are only a human being and therefore you are entitled to make mistakes, it will be much easier for you to accept your failures, which are inseparably connected with daily living. Being understanding towards yourself means treating yourself humanely when something goes wrong but also remembering that you are able to remove all obstacles as soon as the opportunity presents itself. You can’t criticise yourself for everything that didn’t go well, sometimes it is not completely your fault and even if it is, you have the right to be wrong.

Beware – don’t mistake justifying your mistakes caused by lack of thinking or ignorance for understanding.

Praise yourself

When you manage to achieve something make sure you praise yourself either quietly or even out loud. This will make you feel like you are worth a lot; it will give you the strength to conquer even bigger challenges. This simple routine has a lot of power in it.

Why do you have to like yourself?

The world, which will see a human in you but doesn’t appreciate itself, will not appreciate you either. People will treat you like you are nothing, indulgent and with neglect. It will require sacrifices from you because you will agree for it all. You will become a so called ”punching bag” for your environment.

When you like yourself you show the world that you know your worth. You will not be manipulated; people won’t be able to interfere in your things, planning life. People will respect, like and value you, you will be perceived as a person who knows what their worth is.


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