Personal development tips help you start your morning well and have a successful day

How to start the day well?

Morning habits, which many of us do not want to take into consideration, significantly affect the perception of the entire day. If you get upset first thing in the morning, it is very likely that the whole day will not be particularly successful. Unfortunately, to change our own daily morning habits, you need to look closely at them. Maybe every morning you make the same mistakes which make your mornings unhappy?

Here are some personal development tips on how to start your day right.

Get up earlier

Set your alarm clock 2 or 3 hours before the time when you have to leave the house (we know that many people will think we are crazy writing something like that - but, stay with us, it makes sense). Treat this time as a sacred one. Do not turn on the radio, TV and do not check emails. Do not let the world attack you. Just exist for yourself.

Drink a glass of water, because it brilliantly helps with digestion. Spend some time in the shower, thinking only about good things. These two or three hours are the time to think only about the positive things (it is difficult to do, but practice makes perfect).

Thank yourself for the day before, for your achievements, even the smallest ones. Also feel the gratitude for today. This may sound strange, but it has been known for centuries that gratitude for what will happen and has already happened attracts good situations. Does it make sense? For those who have learnt the power of positive thinking, it is quite obvious.

Later - eat breakfast and go about your day as normal. Your day will certainly be successful.

Plan your next day

To start the next day right, in the evening make a list - in writing - of what definately has to be accomplished the next day. This way you can relieve and calm the brain, which will not have to "process" what needs to be done the next day during the whole night. Plan only up to 60% of your day, no more. You never know if something will come up or whether you will have enough energy to achieve everthing. If you have free time you can always add more tasks to your day, or spend the rest of your time on blissful laziness.

Prepare the necessary things

This is a bit like getting ready for school – a long time ago, you probably do not even remember it any more, your parents would ask you every night to prepare everything ready for the next day. And they were absolutely right. Thanks to this simple habit, you save yourself time in the morning for what is pleasant and important.

Also make a shopping list if you have to do it the next day. Look at tomorrow with "tomorrow's eyes"  and see how you will run around nervously, because many things that you could have already had written and planned yesterday, will haunt you.


Many may find this idiotic, but scientists have long time ago proved that a person who smiles attracts happiness, good situations and lives a happier life. So – why not try it?! In the morning stand in front of the mirror, smile to yourself sincerely and broadly and give yourself a lot of compliments. It works! Over time, this reaction will become a habit and you will live really well.


Author: Bien Magazine

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