Personal development top tips - Everyone can be a master of motivation, they just have to take the time to train themselves

10 ways to get motivated, part 2

In the first part of Bien Magazine's guide on the art of motivation we presented some basic methods helping to learn this difficult, but extremely important and useful skill. We described how to set goals and visualise them, how to list the benefits of achieving them, how to plan actions and how to "fool" yourself, convincing yourself to do something you really did not want to do.

This part will be devoted to the next five important aspects of being a master of motivation.

Link the goal with what is most important to you

You must ask yourself, what - besides yourself - is most important to you. Work, family, children, friendship, character traits or something else? So, if the family is important for you think about what you can do to ensure their happiness - and not just material. Ask yourself, what will you gain from knowing that your family will be happy? If you feel that it will also give you happiness, it means, that you got right to the point. Because you do not live only for yourself, not only accomplishing own goals.

Think and talk about good things

This is probably one of the more difficult skills. One of your greatest enemies, which is bizarre, is your own brain, your subconsciousness! It does not distinguish between what is good and bad, it only listens to your orders. If you're saying to yourself: "I am worthless" your brain understands it as a request. "You want to be nothing? Here you are. You will! "That's why you need to speak loudly and clearly about yourself, your surroundings, your achievements, plans, and objectives only in a positive manner. This is a very difficult thing; you have to control almost every step.

Be positive

Tell yourself, "I can do it, I can handle it, others did it, and so I will too succeed ". You have no right to say to yourself that something is beyond you, that you have problems, because, as we mentioned above, the subconscious is listening. It will understand that you are afraid of something, so wanting to protect you against a possible failure and realise your "request", it will stop your actions and the chance of success.

Awaken the will for action

Achieve a goal - important to connect it with pleasant feelings and impressions. Remember every detail of this feeling and state so to be able to recall it when you will accomplish any other task. The memory of the pleasure of achieving a goal, winning the fight with yourself will translate into other situations. Oddly enough, you suddenly feel that even by overcoming the least pleasant task may end up giving you a sense of triumph.

Listen to motivating music, watch supporting films, read books

Music has enormous power, it can make you feel extremely well. Check whether the track works on you in a motivating way and listen to it when you need support. Motivational films or stories that talk about people who coped in different, sometimes extreme situations also help. It does not matter whether those are invented or are real-life stories. It is important that you "feed" the brain with positive stories.

Reward yourself

When you manage to achieve something that deserves a reward, give it to yourself. Awards should be adequate to the goal attainment. You must reward yourself, because the brain will connect this way of creating challenges and completing them with the pleasure of a reward. You have no idea, how this, very simple and clever method, is effective. You'll be extra motivated.


Author: Bien Magazine

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