Relationship tips for women and men - You can respond to human mistakes with anger and aggression or understanding and a smile

Learn good reactions

When the specialists say that male-female relationships are one of the hardest and in the same time the most odd ones, amongst other things they talk about millions of small things which partners have to cope with every day.

If there are so many little things that await us every day, which if badly interpreted or understood can lead to arguments it is worth knowing how to best react in the smallest of situations. The following relationship advice for women and men will help with those small daily discussions. 

Something happens by accident

People usually have a built in reaction of attacking and being cross with others who experiences something they do not accept. It only takes someone to break a glass or a plate. In many cases they have to expect to be faced with an attack, spite and even an argument. They can also get a talking to regarding their helplessness and clumsiness.

This can be played completely different. Someone breaks a glass or a plate. Control yourself and ask whether they are ok, check if they didn’t hurt themselves. Think about how the person must feel waiting to be told off and they hear the caring words? You will also feel much better as someone who has feelings and you are not a mean mentor who was never faced with anything bad.

This is how you can react in any situation when something happens unexpectedly. There are millions of options. Ask nicely, be caring and you will receive the same in return when something happens to you e.g. break a plate from the grandma’s set. Always remember that a person is so much more important than any item which can break, smash or damage. The person cannot be replaced.

Forgetting is a human trait

The same rule, of reacting nicely and pleasantly, without aggression and in an accusing manner relates also to a situation in which someone forgot about something. For example they used all the sugar and forgot to top the bowl up. Or additionally they didn’t buy any sugar because they simply forgot. You have an alternative – argument or a nice reminder. Remember that the option you choose will return to you as a boomerang. You will shout at your partner he will do the same to you in the first possible situation.  If you talk pleasantly about small problems your partner will react the same when you forget about something.


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