Relationship tips and advice on mature friendship in marriage, which is far more valuable and lasting than a gust of heart

Can spouses be friends?

The falling in love stage passes, the hormones stop going crazy, suddenly the veil falls from our eyes and it turns out that the person we once adored is... a stranger to us. This, unfortunately, is a sad scenario facing many relationships. Why is this happening? People perceive their feelings as falling in love, whereas in fact they are experiencing the rush of hormones which is expected to sustain a relationship. It does not work like that. In marriage you need to learn friendship and that is not easy. But it is necessary to be able to talk about a happy life together. Here some relationship advice for women and men. 

Spouses must be friends

You have to, first and foremost, be able to absolutely rely on your spouse. Afterall, it is someone who must be your support, not an enemy. It is a person you can come to with any trouble and they will listen, support you and not criticise but advise. That is - at least – the female point of view.

Men look at things a little differently - they claim that there is a big difference between a wife and a friend. They sleep with their wife but not with a friend. But does this exclude a friendship possibility in marriage? Gentlemen claim that a wife is much more important than a friend.

Is friendship in marriage a friendship or a wise love?

Maybe what the gentlemen say holds some truth? Maybe the word "friendship" has lost its value enough to call someone a friend when we have few things in common?

Maybe we are not dealing with a friendship here, but deep, mature love that encompasses the ability of great tolerance towards the other person, the need to spend the maximum amount of time with them, the desire to understand their world and views and the need to provide support and assistance for them.

True friends are truly devoted to each other

Many people say that you can only be friends with people the same sex, because only with them you can make a real connection. However, the practice and experience of the vast number of marriages is contradictory.

When two people who have lived together for decades are able to do anything for the other partner or at least very, very much, one can, in our notion, speak of true friendship between them.

There are innumerable relationships which lack tenderness, sensitivity and mutual understanding. There is no love, but instead there is regret and disappointment. It is a pity that they experience that, though they are probably the ones that made it happen. They, unfortunately, never decided that the spouse can be the best friend you can possibly have....


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