Relationship advice from men - men in a slightly different way to women, express their interest in opposite sex

How to check whether a man cares about you?

There are many symptoms and many signs that indicate that the man cares about you. Since both sexes manifest commitment in different ways, some ladies may think that the behaviour of the chosen one is not at all unusual, because women always behave like this, when someone is close to them. However for men many behaviours described below are not completely natural. Here some relationship advice for women.

You need to know that what is natural for women, for many men is a clear declaration of commitment. It is worth to get to know men's behaviours. Below is some information about them.

He is interested, sacrifices himself and initiates contact

If a man is not interested in your life, plans, interests - do not count on a relationship. If he cares, he will ask, how was your day, what you were doing, how you feel and whether you are happy. If you feel low – he certainly will comfort you.

If he looks out for you, takes care of your needs, buys you your favorite cookies and sacrifices himself by going to the cinema with you to watch a tearful romance, although he cannot stand such films - it is clear that he cares. If he is willing to compromise - appreciate it – for a real man this is actually a great sacrifice.

A man interested in you will initiate contact - call, send text messages. He will try to take care of you. If he is the opposite - and you have to constantly take the initiative ... well, it is not good.

He introduces you to his friends and family

A man in love willingly shows off his girlfriend to friends and family. If he relates to you as "my girlfriend" – he is proud of the fact that you are together and definitely has serious plans for your relationship.

He makes plans for the future

If the man you are seeing talks about your common plans for the future, wondering where to spend your holidays, and where to spend Christmas, he definitely is serious about your relationship. Here, an important note - do not immediately use this occasion to await his wedding declarations, do not force him to propose. He has not matured to that yet.

He wants to make an impression

If for your every meeting your man dresses with great care, smells nice, is clean shaven and looks like a superman - it means that he wants to please you. He wants to show off as a real man, who will be a source of pride for you. You can be sure that he cares about you!


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