women's magazines online advise - to get a shy man, you have to adapt to his style and nature

How to tame a shy man

A shy man who built a wall around himself, needs to be properly courted and seduced. Unfortunately, in this situation you have to show initiative yourself - at least initially. Later, when the shy guy believes in himself, he will definitely want to impress you at every step and seek your attention. Unfortunately, at the start of the relationship he will surely require "taming". Here our online dating advice.

Get his confidence

To get a shy man, you have to gain his trust - because it determines his desire for further meetings. If your chosen one is a man who feels the best in his own company, because he is afraid of other people, you have to show him that he can trust you. You need to show yourself as a reasonable, dependable person, just like him. You need to devote a lot of time to talk to him, to get to know him and allow him to slowly open up. You need to be similar to him in order for him to accept you.

If you love the nightlife, the company and parties - consider whether there is any point building a relationship together, which may not work out at all. The shy very rarely attend parties.

Let him speak freely

A shy, introverted man can be, unfortunately, easy to startle. Often with the wrong word or gesture you can destroy what you have been building for weeks or months. It is therefore important to allow him to express himself, let him open up. Unfortunately, this is not easy, and sometimes you may find it quite daunting. But - it all depends on your commitment. If you show him that you can listen, I am sure you will get a faithful friend.

Do not declare too fast

Introvert men secretly dream about a woman who will take the fate of their relationship in her own hands. But if a woman too quickly begins to establish rules, is too pushy – the shy guy will get scared and feel trapped. You have to act very gently and sensitively with him.

The transition to a higher level

Once you get tired of waiting, when you feel that it is the time for your relationship to move to the next level, you must send your man a clear signal that you wish your meetings turned into a relationship. And here you can expect a different reaction - the shy guy will appreciate your gesture, because he will not want to suggest it on his own, or ... escape far away.

Not easy or easy relationship

A relationship with a shy man can sometimes be difficult, but it also can be very rewarding. It only takes patience, a lot of good words and it turns out that an introverted man opens up and shows what a treasure he is.


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