relationship advice for women and men - commandeering, decided and confident men are attractive to women

Which men do women find attractive

Many women state that men’s looks don’t matter to them at all, although scientists conducting observations and studies regarding this problem seem to think differently. Women value good looking and well groomed men.

Luckily, besides their look, there are many important qualities which women like to see in their future or current partners, according to Bien Magazine experts. These are merely a few out of many.

Intelligent and funny guy

Women feel good in the company of men who can understand them, are able to see their real nature and appropriately react to their needs. The man has to be intelligent to not get lost in the maze of women’s feelings and emotions. Additionally it is crucial that he is amusing. His sense of humour will be a perfect remedy for woman’s stress and the occasional blues.

Commanding and confident

Not many women like men who are quiet, submissive and who they have to be mothering. Even if they accept this at the beginning of the relationship they will soon become bored and tired of being the mother and teacher who has to lead the man, by his hand, through life. Women like commanding men but only commanding to other people, not themselves. They appreciate confident men, who are respected by the world and not walked all over.


The man has to be resourceful, be able to face life difficulties and swiftly solve problems. This is like putting James Bond, Indiana Jones and other extremely resourceful heroes who can survive in any life situation. Women look for men who don’t cower once faced with important decisions and those who don’t avoid challenges.

Respected man

A man who is seen as a prestigious person feels good in himself. Glamour of his achievements also shines on his woman who often is largely an architect and a creator of many of his actions. Men with rules will be respected. Similarly, a man who specialises in an area and stands out with his achievements will be highly attractive for women and will make her proud.


Author: Bien Magazine

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