Life has another side to it and it’s the time of freedom and relaxation

Slow down!

Living a life in a fast lane doesn’t give you enough time to restore your energy. This means that you act against yourself, by overexploiting yourself. Therefore, you can’t blame your body for saying “STOP” once in a while. It’s a good thing because thanks to this many of us manage to live an advanced old age, instead of fading out before they turn 40.

Give yourself some time and see what happens

Many of us live our lives so fast that whenever a free moment happens, we have no idea what to do with it. We’re convinced that it’s bad to waste time. But what if we have already been wasting it by overcrowding our existence with work? There should be a time in life for not doing anything. This time is sacred and we all should learn to cherish and respect it. What can you get in return? A longer life full of good health and calm thoughts. What more could you need?

How to organise your “sacred” time?

Think what pleases you and allows you to relax. Here are a few ideas that may inspire you.

Go to a tea shop or a coffee shop. But not for business purposes! Just to relax, enjoy your beverage and do absolutely nothing else.

Make yourself a bubble bath, light some scented candles, play some music and relax. Your body’s reaction to such activity will be remarkable. Your thoughts will slow down and you will feel extremely pleasant.

Read a book, just for the sake of reading and enjoy an imaginary world described there. Go to a cinema and watch a movie. After all, you’re entitled to have a moment just for yourself.

Or perhaps you would like to cook or bake something? This is a very relaxing, as well as a creative activity. This way you won’t feel guilty that you’re being lazy because you’re making something delicious. Moreover, your thoughts will be occupied with the entire process.

You can also go out for a walk. A slow and lazy walk. Play in the sand, lie down on the grass, walk up on a roof and watch the stars. The whole idea is to be here and now. This will definitely make you feel happy.


Author: Bien Magazine

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