Personality development tips - we need to learn a good and mature egoism – otherwise our lives will be hard

Why is being an egoist healthy?

The word egoist has always been marked with bad emotions. A selfish person is someone who is not able to share, love anyone but themselves or care about the needs of others. An egoist lives for himself and does not need anyone else. However, the 21st century and a strong growing trend of personal development have created a new concept of egoism - the so-called healthy and mature egoism. How does it work?Here some very useful personal development tips.

Sacrifice, but within reason

Remember that you are not an ascetic and a medieval penitent. No one has the right to require you to spend all of your time and effort on others. You have a duty to look after yourself, take care of your own needs, think about your future and improve the quality of your life.

Surely you remember how many times you sacrificed something essential for someone, have done something very important for them, gave them something valuable or helped overcome life problems - and for it you were met by, in the best case - meager thanks. The true gratitude and offer of pay back did not come. Think – does it really make sense, to make everyone else happy and not yourself?

Keep a balance between private and professional life

Many forget these days that there is something outside of work. Workaholism brings on suffering to  relationships, family and friends and above all, to you, yourself and your own life. The company you work for will need and like you for so long as you will be useful and continue to make money for them. If something goes wrong, you can be sure that they will soon turn away from you. The balance of gains and losses will be - you will be left without a job and without loved ones. The place you were sacrificing for - company or a corporation – will do without you, but you will forever know that you hurt your loved ones.

Set your own goals and strive for them

Do not give up on your dreams and goals, create lists of what you want to achieve. If it does not collide with the desires of your loved ones, implement them fiercely. Because no one will live your life for you. One day you may face a terrible fact that you no longer have the time and nothing important was realised by you and became your participation.

Do not listen to others - no one except you knows how to live your life.

Build healthy, partnership relations

To create good relationships with people, you need to find a balance between giving and taking, between listening and being listened to. Do not let anyone use or manipulate you. With a consequence receive as much as you put in. Account must always be equal.


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