The past cannot hinder the present and future – you have to set yourself free using these personal development top tips

How to deal with the past

Fear that your future will be the same as or similar to the past, cannot limit you and should not prevent you to grow or change. Thinking like this, unfortunately, bothers a great portion of humanity. Many believe that the past has so heavily influenced the "here and now", strongly determined the way they think and act, that they are not able to learn a different way of life, but with these personal development tips, nothing could be further from the truth. At every stage of your existence you can cut yourself away from the past.

Check, how you perceive your past

What do you see when you look back? Does it bring good or bad feelings? Does paralysing fear lie with you for years? For some, the past is the source of many very important, wise and developing experiences. They have no problems with their present and can perfectly and accurately determine their future. Unfortunately, most fondly dig up the old wounds from the past; constantly talk about who they hurt, who hurt them and how their past experiences blocked their chances of happiness.

You need to free yourself of bad memories

It is sometimes very difficult and in many cases people require help from a therapist. However - you have to once and for all separate from the past and deal with it, because otherwise it will cast a shadow over your whole life. What was once is already behind you. It's a closed chapter - you need to be fully aware of that. Indeed, this chapter could have had a huge impact on you, often bad, or traumatic. But it has already happened. Now you need to free yourself from the trauma of the past. You can visualise the past - imagine it as a black-and-white, damaged film, which you burn. The film burns immediately. Create in your mind - every day, in every free moment - visions of your perfect, happy future. Repeat the process for so long until your past stops dominating you.

Do not demonize the past

Try to look at what is bothering you for years, from your current perspective - an adult who lived through a lot and has a lot of understanding. Maybe what once seemed to be the end of the world, when you were a child, now would be just a ridiculous situation. It may be that you created your fear and embedded it in the past, making those events seem much worse. Maybe they were not so terrible? The brain, unfortunately, encodes willingly bad situations. That's why you have to explain to yourself why, what's bothering you, was not at all bad.

Learn from your experiences

The past can be very informative. If you were not a good father, because you were too young, you didn’t understood much at the time, chose career, you can now redeem yourself for those mistakes by being a great grandfather and a true partner and a friend to your adult children. Of course, it all depends on how much the past has taught you.


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