women's magazines online advise, it is worth thinking about arranging wedding attractions since there are so many possibilities.

Wedding attractions

Every young couple makes it a point of honour to create an unforgettable wedding. Hence, hiring a band is no longer sufficient. It turns out that these days weddings are supported by many professionals and companies who specialise in different attractions. Here are a few ideas from our team here at Bien Magazine, on how you can spice up the wedding party.

Romantic gestures

It became popular to release something into the air that symbolises the happiness of the young couple. You can let out white doves, thousands of colorful butterflies (you have to remember to book this attraction much in advance). You can let go of balloons, confetti or blow bubbles from a special unit when the newlyweds dance their first dance.

There is also a picturesque tradition of releasing lanterns of happiness, in which candles are placed. The night sky looks beautiful all lit up with dozens of paper lanterns.

Original first dance

The more interesting the first dance is of the bride and groom, the better the whole party will become. You can create a dense fog from a special unit, or use special dry foam.

If the young couple do not like dancing, you may hire professional dancers who will delight the guests with their talents and fiery temperament.

Specialists at the wedding

You can invite a group of people performing shows with dances or fire. Great entertainment will be inviting an illusionist or magician who conjures up wonders from a hat and more. You can invite acrobats, people walking on stilts or even a comedian. Martial arts specialists show unusual techniques that will bewilder viewers.You can also hire a pyrotechnic and prepare for the guests a true, unforgettable fireworks display.


One of the loveliest attractions is preparing a multimedia presentation with fragments of images or video clips from the life of the young couple, starting from their childhood, the time of courtship and engagement.


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