Relationship tips for women and men, being together for decades can really be an exciting experience

How to remain fascinating after years of marriage?

The statistics regarding marriages are unfortunately pessimistic. More than 50% of relationships are bound to fail. The most popular reasons are the inconsistency of personalities and becoming involved in another romantic relationship. Of course, the latter is usually preceded by the cheating of a spouse. There's no doubt that such situations can be avoided, but this doesn't come easy. Nevertheless, the list of methods is long Bien Magazine reveals.

When they're lazy...

When your spouse is terribly lazy and doesn't feel like doing even the simplest things, you should react immediately. How? Do those things for them. So what if you don't feel like doing them too? This is not important because you do this for a person you love. This may not seem much, but it actually is.

Hold on

Waiting for the other person with breakfast or going to sleep together, is like telling them “you're important to me,” “I want to be with you.” It's very simple and tells them so much. You have to constantly show your spouse that they're significant, as well as more important than your personal needs.

Making food

Food is vital for people. Even in a romantic way. When you cook with love for somebody and they express their enthusiasm for your work, you're both feeling remarkable. This is why making food and enjoying it together is one of the most pleasant everyday rituals that allow you to become closer to each other.

The little things

Asking about your partner's day is a foundation of a really healthy relationship. Sharing experiences allows you to experience them anew. Don't be afraid to tell your spouse about the things that bother you. This is a proof of your trust.


It doesn't matter how old you are or how long you have been together. It's never too late to go out on a date. Take them somewhere new, dress-up for them, look at them the way you used to when you started dating. This is very reviving in every relationship.

The difficult topics

You need to talk about the things you don't like about each other. There is a way to express this in a neutral way so that your partner doesn't feel insulted or hurt. It's crucial to talk about the difficult things and resolve your problems together.


Compliments are very important. They don't have to concern big things. Simply express your admirations towards things that your partner did. Many people cheat on each other because they don't feel sufficiently admired by their partners.


Author: Bien Magazine

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