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Destructive habits that undermine your development

Many people are convinced that they're worse than others. They claim that they were just born this way and there's nothing in the world that could change their situation. They consider themselves as less creative. Unfortunately, this is because of their own bad habits. These habits may be minor, but they can cause much harm. The good news is that you can fight them. At least, you should try. The most important thing is to become aware of your own demons. After you have done that, you can start disposing of them. This will make your life better. Here are some of our best personal development advice.

Breakfast is good for you

You may find the habit of eating nutritious breakfasts absurd. However, the first meal you eat after waking up is crucial for your organism's well-being. Breakfast is responsible for both your physical and mental functions. Not eating breakfasts exposes your organism to a decrease in sugar levels, which is significantly negative for your brain. Breakfast delivers you the necessary portion of both fats and proteins. However, too much sugar in the morning is not recommended.


Bad news for those who love eating too much. Overeating may cause several metabolic disorders. As a result, your brain may start ageing faster, which can increase your susceptibility to dangerous diseases, including Alzheimer and Parkinson. Eating too much causes your nerve cells to die and your organism to age faster.

Too little sleep

Too little sleep is harmful to you. This can lead to irreparable damages to your organism. When you haven't had enough sleep, you won't be able to function effectively. What's even worse is that this makes your nerve cells die faster.


Smokers are less creative than non-smokers. Studies have proven that a brain of a 50-year old smoker is at the intellectual level of a 60-year old non-smoker. You should ask yourself, is it worth to harm yourself like this?


It appears that even trivial everyday habits can decrease your organism's effectiveness. Moreover, they can severely harm your health. It's worth keeping in mind that everything you neglect today, will become your problem tomorrow. Bad habits are always followed by consequences.


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