Bien Magazine - To pick yourself up after being cheated on is very hard, but it is even harder marrying a cheater

Is it worth marrying a cheater?

Your man cheated on you before the wedding. The question is, what impact will this have on your marriage? If he betrayed you at a time when you were not bound by oath, when your time together was special and you tried to make the best impression, what will happen when the passion passes and you will have to battle the daily struggles? Consider hard, if you can live with the knowledge that what hurt you so deeply in the past could happen again. Women's magazines online investigate. 

Betrayal always hurts

Women forgive more easily than men. Research shows that they are able to forgive their partner’s betrayal, forget about it and continue trying to create a happy relationship. But why kid yourself, the wound stays, even if it is somewhere deeply hidden. It will always put a strain on your relationship, it created a scar that could deepen when the partner begins to look at other women (even if he does not have bad intentions).

Maybe it is worth splitting up?

From our conversations with several men about cheating, we have, unfortunately, quite a sad conclusion. They said that it would be fair to end the relationship if it was poisoned by betrayal, because it could happen again. If someone has in their nature the need to experience sex with others, they will strive for it, no matter what is promised.

„If the cheater justifies his actions by saying he did not know what he was doing, that it was an accident, do not believe him” - said our interviewees. He knew and all too well. He will probably remember this more than once and be left wanting more.

If someone hurt you deliberately, they do not deserve you

You need to consider if you are sure you can again completely trust the person who hurt you deliberately. Because, after all, he did not turn his brain off when he got into an affair. No arguments justify his actions. If the relationship does not work, you need to split up, not cheat, because it is not a solution. Every crisis can be resolved – one way or another.

Depression after betrayal

What awaits you after the betrayal of your partner, is a process not very enviable. Great tension, massive difficulty to get back into balance, everlasting uncertainty and growing suspicions. You will not be able to keep control over everything, even if you decide you do not care. You will experience various, extreme feelings. You will oscillate between love and hate, guilt and injustice. Sadness and low self-esteem will accompany you for a long time.

But - as usual there is a "but" – a strong person is able to handle everything. So - if you feel that your partner does deserve forgiveness and there are still good times that await you both – do not cross him off.


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