A good profile photo for a dating website is the first step in finding your soul-mate, here our online dating advice

How to make a perfect photo for a dating website profile?

It appears that probably everything in our world has already been examined and defined. This is why a matter of making an aesthetic and intriguing photo for an online dating website is no longer a secret. In this article, we'll try to tell you how to make a photo that will attract as many users as possible, and perhaps your new significant other. Follow our online dating advice to get ahead of the game.

Where and how? Basic information

Studies indicate that ladies seem more attractive when photographed indoors. Men, however, should be photographed outdoors.

Another interesting piece of information is that those who photograph their entire figure, are much more popular than those, who only photograph their face (by more than 200%!).

A selfie is not a good idea. People prefer to see your photos that somebody else took. This proves that you're not a loner.

You have to be the only person in the photo. Don't upload a photo of you and your friends or you and your dog. This may confuse other users.

A profile photo is the first, as well as the vital step in finding a partner on a dating website. You can't ignore this fact. People want to know who they're going to date.

Dress up and put on nice make-up

You need to look neat and aesthetically tidy. However, don't exaggerate with your clothes. It should be neutral. You also need to feel good in it. Avoid aggressive colours and vivid patterns.

Comb your hair and put o delicate make-up. Mind the details. Smile, but only if your smile is natural. If you don't know how to achieve that, it's better to make a solemn face.

Dynamic photos

People who stand in unnatural poses look terrible. This is why in-motion photos are much more natural. Dynamic photos are also positive for a good presentation of your figure's proportions.

Still photos

If you don't want an in-motion photo, you should come up with a natural pose. In order to do that, you can hold one hand by your face, put one leg in front of the other and put the other hand on your waistline. You should also raise your head a little.


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