best advice on household cleaning - while cleaning your toaster you always have to unplug it from the mains

How to clean a toaster?

Today a daily does of household cleaning tips. The toaster is a very popular and frequently used appliance in many households. You have to care about its cleanliness not only on the outside but more importantly on the inside. We don’t talk here about the aesthetics value but mainly health. The appliance has to be cleaned regularly because breadcrumbs left in the toaster burn while emitting unpleasant smells which affects the taste of freshly prepared toast. If the breadcrumbs are left in the toaster for a while they can even go mouldy.

The toaster shouldn’t be cleaned on the inside with chemical products and you shouldn’t use washing up liquid and water. So how do you maintain its cleanliness?

Unplug the electric appliance from the socket

You always have to remember about this, so you don’t experience an electric shock. You can also burn yourself or blow up the whole electric installation and it will only be because you forgot to switch the toaster off at the main socket and started to wash it with water.  

Cleaning the toaster

On the outside of the toaster it can be wiped with a damp cloth. If your toaster is made out of special material use the advised cleaning products.

It is slightly harder to clean the inside. If your toaster has a tray for collecting breadcrumbs, take it out, empty it and wash it. Dry it properly with a cloth. Turn the toaster upside down over the bin to shake out any remaining breadcrumbs.

Darkened or slightly burned toaster rails – the ones you put the bread in between, can be cleaned with special products for steel. Remember that those can’t be any chemical products because some cannot be used with appliances that have direct contact with food. Make sure that the cleaning product which you will use to clean the steel will evaporate soon and will not react with high temperatures. Nobody wants their toast to catch fire.

Clean your toaster once every two months.

If you flooded the internal parts of the toaster

If too much water gets into the inside of your toaster and you are worried to plug it in because it can cause a short circuit, try to dry it out with a hairdryer and to be extra safe, leave for about 24 hours unused to make sure it dries properly, remembering of course to leave it unplugged.


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