tips on household cleaning, good organisation of household chores and their divide between household members will help to get rid of chaos

How to manage the house chaos

Many women who took it upon themselves – besides their full time job – also all the house chores, don’t know how to manage them all, because it is just too much for one person. Sometimes the problem lies in bad organisation. How do you manage daily chaos?  Everything must be planned and well thought through. We will look into the best advice on household cleaning and keeping everything tidy.

Everyone chips in

The first and the most basic rule is – all the chores have to be divided so all the people in the house have something to do. No one ever said that the woman has to do it all and the husband, tired after work, can be allowed to rest. The same goes for the kids, who need to help in many, small house chores. When you establish a fair divide of the house duties you will find that you have time for everything and are still left with time for all your pleasures of life. You have to teach your man that jobs around the house are not only so called woman’s duties and washing up or putting the washing on will not make him less of a man.

Create a plan of action

There is always something to do in the house and because the actions are repeatable, they can be easily and efficiently planned and shared out between all household members. In bigger families, what usually works is having a board in the kitchen or a plan of action located on the fridge. Everyone will know what their responsibilities are and when they need to be done. Teaching your family how to support each other will bring great results because the house will be clean, dinner will be ready and everyone will still have time for themselves.

Get rid of things you don’t need

The house or cellar are cluttered with things that are not needed, which have to be dusted, moved around and come with a lot of hassle. Throw away what is unnecessary, get rid of everything that is put aside on a basis of – “we may need it one day”. Don’t believe it, it will not be needed and keeping it only adds more work for you.

Tidy up wisely

When you clean, concentrate on one room at a time, until it is tidy. Constant movement round the house, starting and not finishing chores will create even bigger chaos and will take a lot of your time. With logical cleaning goes preparing all needed accessories and items in one place, in which you are currently working. Don’t run around every time you need a cloth or a bucket of water. This way you will also save a lot of time.

Don’t exaggerate

Many people try to keep their house sterilely clean, which results in them being slaves of constant cleaning. Where is the time for nice things, hobbies and rest? Think whether your house is a place to live or a laboratory.


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