Relax! Many have survived their wedding preparations and so will you.

Things worth knowing before planning the wedding

Wedding preparations are a huge challenge. On a night like this, the bride should be at the center of attention and cannot be concerned with any matters regarding organisation. Nevertheless, the majority of duties usually rest on her shoulders and at the end of the day, she ends up feeling totally exhausted.

You're going to hate the word wedding

At some point you just start losing it and even mentioning the wedding makes you burst into tears. Many women don't even realize that the reactions of their family, friends, husband-to-be and his family are close to hysterical. Moreover, anyone who knows about this big day will torment you with questions.

Thousands of alterations to your wedding dress

Your wedding dress may seem imperfect even until the wedding day. Life shows that very often brides become obsessed with alterations. They just won't stop improving.

Once you've heard honest words of delight about your dress, it's about time to let the idea of making further alterations go. You can carry on to the next task.

Millions of opinions

This is yet another difficult stage. You'll be asked about several matters of which you haven't even thought about. You will have to decide what kind of flowers to choose for the table, as well as for your bouquet. How many levels should the wedding cake have? Should the cake be decorated? What colour should the decorations be? What flavour should the cake have? All of this will be followed by creating wedding invitations, seating guests at the table, creating the wedding menu, etc.

Who's responsible for what?

In order to get out of this never-ending nightmare of preparations alive, you have to set the priorities. Primarily, create a list of must-do tasks. Take it everywhere with you, in order to let your brain focus on other things. Experts have proven that writing something down causes your brain to let that problem go.

Secondly, assign tasks to your maid of honour, the groom, your parents and anybody who participates in the ceremony preparations. There's no point in trying to embrace the chaos. Discuss who feels best in particular fields. Those who are artistically talented should take care of the decorations and a natural-born negotiator should call companies you wish to hire for your wedding.


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