bien magazine helps you save a lot on electricity, especiall when you change light bulbs to power saving or LED

How to save electricity, part 1

Life without electricity seems to us, the people of the twenty-first century, completely implausible. Remember what happens when there is a power cut in your neighborhood and you have to survive a few hours or days without electricity. Complete despair. We do not quite know how to handle this. Without electricity we cannot do things we like - it is worth remembering this when the time comes to pay a very high electric bill. There are, fortunately, methods showing how to save electricity.


The first and basic issue is you need to invest in good, energy-saving light bulbs or LED bulbs. Of course, at the beginning, sometimes, it is a considerable expense. If your children can not sleep in the dark, you should obtain energy-saving bulbs for their bedside lamps.

It is worth not switching on the light without a need and if the lights are on do not turn them off every time you exit the room. In places that do not require curtains, you can hang short blinds or nets. Thanks to them you can use the daylight for longer to light up your rooms.

And the last thing – walls painted in bright colors allow better light reflection, which allows you to use bulbs with less power.

Cooking and baking

Regularly de-scale your kettle, which will shorten the boiling time of water. If you plan to drink a cup of coffee, do not completely fill the kettle, by doing so will shorten the boiling time.

When using an electric or induction cooker, make sure to always keep the burners clean, because dirt increases power consumption.

During baking, do not open the oven unnecessarily, because this cools the interior. You can turn off the oven 5-10 minutes before the end of cooking. High temperatures inside will finish of the roast.

The food can be heated in a microwave instead of the oven, because an oven takes longer to heat up.

Of course, all those tips will only slightly reduce electricity bills. Nevertheless - in the perspective of the year you will certainly save money.


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