Bien Magazine advises, small children will quickly learn how to be independent – but it needs some help with it

How to teach your child independence, part 1

The child, having reached its 33rd month of life becomes extremely active and tries to be independent. Whenever possible it wants to do everything on its own. The effects of those actions tend to be, of course, varied. At the beginning they can trigger laughter or - on the other hand - horror at the sight of what the child considers normal. For example a toddler is able to rinse its toothbrush in the toilet because it cannot reach the sink. Wanting to help the parent with walking the dog, the toddler may end up on its belly, pulled through the mud and puddles by the household pet. It can also try to copy their dad by attempting to shave which can be dangerous. It will definitely not run out of ideas. Here at Bien Magazine we decided to outline some of those.

School of eating

A toddler wants to handle the cutlery all by itself. The ability to eat independently will be much  needed in kindergarten and the effect of this study will be at the beginning deplorable, that's the baby’s right. It will not learn any other way. You have to let it get feverishly dirty several or even dozens of times. In the end, much to your relief, everything will go into the mouth, not on the floor. The child must, of course, have to have their meat cut up or bones picked out from a fish.

School of nose wiping

Self-wiping of its nose is also a very important art and of course useful when the toddler will go to the kindergarten. In there, kids with constant dripping noses will force the child to use a handkerchief, because it will catch a cold many times.

How to teach your child to wipe its nose? You can use a feather or a piece of paper, in which the toddler blows air only with its nose. It will give it an indication of how to use a handkerchief. You can also explain to it that, when its nose is clean, they will breathe better.

Independence in the toilet

And finally, what is most important - learning independence in the toilet. It is a tedious and difficult process, but necessary. Otherwise, the child will have traumatic moments at the kindergarten when it turns out that it needs to ask a babysitter for help to visit the toilet. You have to teach your toddler to sit on the toilet, removing their shorts and underwear and dressing up again after wiping. You should be patient and watch so that your toddler does not fall into the toilet.


Author: Bien Magazine

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