Meeting your girlfriend's parents does not have to be a scary experience, use our online dating advice

Meet my parents - or a man in his girlfriend’s house

The first meeting with parents of a girl you are seeing usually feels like a real interrogation. Not only because the whole visit in itself is stressful, the girlfriend’s parents can make it significantly harder. Keep your chin up! You can do it with our online dating tips, millions of guys before you have done it around the world.

Girlfriend is your ally

Remember that your girlfriend is your only ally, supporter and a shield when you enter a territory that is foreign to you. Always treat her well and she will save you from her parents so skillfully that you won’t even have to work hard on your answer. On the other hand you have to be careful so that the girlfriend does not answer for you all the time and doesn’t inadvertently make you a marionette who nods politely to her words. Her parents would think that they are dealing with a looser and a wimp.

Turn your curiosity on

If you have to meet her family then it is worth preparing for it. Pay interest to the family traditions, their preferences and the parents’ interests. You will have many available topics of conversation when your girlfriend starts getting ready for a date and leaves you to fend for yourself. When you are with them on your own, be kind, bravely maintain the eye contact, behave with manners, get the feeling for what they are like and try to accommodate them. Talk about light stuff and don’t mention any delicate topics.

Don’t avoid the meeting

It looks really bad if you are visiting your girlfriend and you sneak upstairs or to her room quickly, avoiding her parents. This way you will not get their approval. Even the most tolerant parents can feel hurt and start treating you badly.

If you girlfriend suggests to skip seeing her parents, be brave and introduce yourself. The sooner you will get this out of the way the better. Maybe you will find out that her parents are really nice and are happy that their daughter is seeing such a good guy.

Don’t let anyone bring you down

When you are young, usually a teenager, you have to listen to your parents. If you visit a house of your adult girlfriend you have to remember about your dignity. You don’t have to explain yourself, change your mind to please her parents. You can be yourself, obviously within reason. It’s best not to make enemies out of your girlfriend parents. You will have to remember though that they have no right to interfere in your life or any decisions of their adult daughter.


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