law of attraction and success

How the power of 'law of attraction' can help you.

First off, what is the Law of Attraction?


When it comes to the law of attraction it can be quite a common impression that it's an attraction between two people, but in actual fact there is so much more to it. Simply put, the law of attraction is the ability to attract one's deepest desires into their lives by focusing on them. Nine times out of ten, our most commanding thoughts manifest into reality. For example, how often have you or someone you know said something along the lines of "I'm strapped for cash" or "Ugh I'm so fat". If your dominate thoughts are constant worries about receiving more bills or the continuous belief you're overweight, that can then become a self fulfilling prophecy. That's proof of the law of attraction in motion, only not in the way most would like.


So how do I use it to my advantage?


It all starts off with a little self acknowledgment. Awareness is the key when it comes to opening the doors on the law of attraction. Once you gain the realization that you're letting those pessimistic concepts take control, you can then change your mind-set and start to focus on positive aspects you'd like to achieve. Meditation and/or yoga, is a great tool that can help wondrously when it comes to learning how to let your mind be free from those overbearing concerns.


How positivity plays a massive role when it comes to L.O.A.


Once you find freedom and realisation within your own thoughts, you can then start to focus on becoming more positive. By obtaining an enthusiastic outlook, it's absolutely remarkable just how much the snowball effect can take such a favourable role in your life. Your happiness, motivation, ability, it all begins to flourish. I'm a believer in the term "Everything happens for a reason". Even when the hardest of moments strike, if you take the time to examine the situation you're in, ask yourself 'what is this supposed to teach me right now and how can I benefit from it', I promise you it will help you to grow as a person. After all, positive thoughts transform into positive actions that develop into positive outlooks and the more one uses the notion of positivity in life, the more that then becomes second nature to you, which will inevitably create an overall happier feeling within.


However, thoughts and positivity aren't the only things required for the law of attraction to work.


Most importantly, when it comes to the law of attraction, you have to trust that this has every possibility of working and you must be willing to try. There's a quote said by qualified master coach; Dr Ivan Young: Emotion - E-motion = energy + motion. I adore this saying as it rings so true. In order to dissect and take control of your emotions, you must first choose to give off and feel the right energies. Alongside this, the motions you decide to then put into action makes the world of difference. Anything worth having in life doesn't tend to come easily, it requires an amount of effort. If you're at the point where you're sick and tired of feeling depressed all the time, then I'd really encourage you to give these techniques a try. It may not be easy at first but I can tell you, it is possible and once you manage to wrap your head around it, it'll definitely prove to be worthwhile.


Author: Emily Leonard


Photos: Dun & Bradstreet


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