Best personal development tips to deal with procrastination

Do you have trouble with procrastinating? - part 2

Each of us either had a problem with it, or is still struggling with the willingness to postpone tasks for sometime later. In the previous article we wrote about the dangers of such behaviour. Now we talk about how to handle it. There are some good personal development tips and methods and we hope you will find them useful .

Plan, write, act

Create a daily action plan. Write it on a piece of paper, because it is an additional motivation to act. Besides - the joy of crossing off what has already been done is a great reward for action.

Scientists have long ago proven that what is written down will be done much faster than what has not been recorded. That is how the human brain works - you can read about it online. It is much easier to move away from what is not "real" because it only exists in your head. When it is written down on paper it becomes a kind of self-obligation. So you have to do it and that is it.

Set a simple model - plan, write down and start working. And after the action has been completed, reward yourself. Even with a little thing or a good word, but explain to yourself that this is a reward (a moment for yourself with a book, something good to eat). In this way, you teach the brain that you can enjoy action, because in the end you will be rewarded.

Set tasks by importance

As a rule we do not do this step correctly - first we go for what is the simplest for us to do and the most difficult tasks we put off to the very end. The effect is that we tire ourselves all day knowing that the difficult thing is still ahead of us. Here again a simple advice - start the day with the most difficult thing you have to do. When you solve a task, as a winner you will receive from your body such a dopamine injection, the hormone of happiness, that all other things will work almost by themselves.

Divide large tasks into small parts

This is a life saving advice that makes - first of all - a big task turn out to be less scary, because it is more managable, by dividing it into parts. Second (confirmed by the researchers brain reaction), when we reach a small target, while we deal with one of the subsequent parts of a large project, we feel that we win. The fact that it is a small part, it does not matter the least. Try it - you'll find that even the toughest thing will go smoothly and you will not even realise when you finish the whole endeavour. But remember - reward yourself with every little win. Even pausing after each completed stage is a reward for the body.

Create a habit of solving tasks here and now

It is quite difficult, but with a bit of consequence it can be done. Practice on simple things, though not necessarily nice ones (what is a victory to overcome something that gives us pleasure?). Whenever you want to push something back and procrastinate, say to yourself - "No, I am my own master, I am a winner and as a winner I am facing my problems. I will do here and now the things that need to be done. I can do it” and the whole thing will go smoothly. After a while you will not even need to explain anything to yourself. Here - you will have a new habit - "I do everything straight away to have time for myself later".


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