online dating advice, there are some questions that we should not ask on a first date

What not to ask about on a first date

Every date, especially the first one is connected with uncertainty and stress. It is enough that we spend more time to get ready for a first date then packing for a two week holiday. It is important not to destroy the perfect first impression which is achieved by great outfit or hairstyle not unnecessarily asked questions. Here some dating advice on what not to talk about on a date.

Planning a family

The experience of thousands of women shows that asking questions like: “Do you want to get married?” and “Do you want to have children?” is a very important signal for a man to run.

We guarantee that after a question like this even a man with high tolerance to woman’s eccentrism and stress caused by dating, will want to escape. Unfortunately questions like this will be a signal that the woman he met is determined to find a husband. And he, a poor guy, only came for a date to meet someone he will have a good time with. He doesn’t want to be a husband straight away. He is not in a rush.

Asking about money

It is very inelegant and tactless to ask a man how much he earns. It sound like you want to check his value, how much he is worth and weather he is worth spending time with. If he earns a lot it means that he is good enough and if not a lot, it is a waste of your time – this is what the man will think if you ask him about his earnings. If he wants to, he will share this with you on his own terms, be sure of that. If there will be anything to brag about anyway.

If you keep asking him about money, inheritance or the beach house it may look like you are looking for a rich husband.

Even if the question about finances will be very innocent, given to you by your woman’s curiosity, the guy will feel trapped and will smell deceit.

Other women

The question: “How many women were you with before?” is equally as tactless as the questions above. The guy will feel that he is in a company of a jealous woman. He will definitely not want to meet with you again.

On the other hand every man wants to be desired by the opposite sex. You cannot imagine how stressful this question could be for someone who hasn’t had that many love adventures. Or even none.

When can I meet your family?

We kept the worst question for last: “When can I meet your family?” This question should never come up on a first date. It shouldn’t make its appearance even during the next few dates. The guy only introduces his girlfriend to his family once he is sure that he wants to be with her. It is because it would be unreasonable to declare that he is seeing someone if the relationship won’t work out. He would then look bad in front of his family. And this would be very hard to swallow.


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