Conversations on a date require sensitivity so listen to our online dating advice and talk about things that are close to each of us

How to talk on a date and what to discuss - Part 2

A date is one big unknown. It may be brilliant, although you were not prepared for it, because it happened spontaneously, or it may prove to be a great failure, although you  were both prepared to commit to it. But there is nothing to worry about with our online dating tips. Even if the date does not go well and you find that both of you did not particularly enjoy it, it does not mean that it was your last chance. Treat it as a good experience, a test for yourself. Because, talking to a stranger (even if you like the person) is not - for many - simple. 

Good attitude is half of the success

First of all, as we have already written in the first part of the article, set yourself well for what is to come. Do not treat the date as a stressful exam, but as a pleasant, nice experience that allows you to get to know the other person. You may find that you will both like each other and enjoy a smooth running conversation.

Prepare a life ring

If you feel stressed and are afraid that you will have nothing in common and no topics for conversation, prepare a little „rescue kit” – a few topics that are sure to catch on and are common enough that all of us would have something to say about them. These topics include our plans and dreams. We talk about everything that is still ahead of us. On the other side of the axis are conversations about the past - about childhood memories, school, university, the time when we did not understand much and did a lot of funny things. It is worth preparing yourself in the comfort of your own home a few pleasant stories from the past years. We are sure there is no being who would not want to listen to them.

Tell jokes or not?

And one more thing that's bothering many dating candidates. When the topics are exhausted (in our opinion this is the time when everyone should go their own way and not make a second date), many dating people reach for always trendy - sets of jokes. You have to be careful here. You may find that the person you are dating is not very fond of listening to jokes, or that you are not the best presenter of them. If you are not skilled in telling jokes and after every final piece you have delivered, the company is not crying with laughter, avoid this rescue plan. It is better not to try than to be discredited.


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