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How to refresh dried out mascara

Many women experienced this sad occurrence – when she finds out that mascara purchased not long before, usually designer and often expensive, dried out and can’t be used any more. This happens because the frequently pulled in and out brush adds air into the tube, which dries it out.

Fortunately, you don’t have to throw mascara like this away; using simple, DIY methods it can be restored. Latest beauty trends here.

Don’t try to revive mascara after use by date

It is important to remember that the average time to use mascara is about 3 months. After this time it is not fit for purpose and there is no point trying to save it. If your mascara is fairly new, you can easily try out one of our methods.

Ways of softening dried out mascara

The first method is adding to the mascara tube a few drops of the solution used for contact lenses or eye drops. When the solution is in the tube, close the container and gently shake.

You can also add to the container a little bit of makeup remover and shake.

Another solution is to put the mascara tube into a bowl of very hot water. You have to wait few minutes for the mascara to regain its liquid consistency.

The tube can also be left on a warm radiator or by a heater, after a few minutes the mascara will become softer. Just make sure you keep an eye on it.

How to avoid mascara drying out

So to make sure the problem of dry mascara doesn’t repeat itself, it is good to remember that after every opening of the tube you should only insert the brush once, not “pump it” as the air will be forced into the tube with every movement. You can also use a disposable brush.


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