tips for healthy lifestyle - relaxation after work is necessary to achieve inner balance and live a healthy life

A few ideas how to relax after work

These days professional work is associated with increasing stress, high responsibility and at home it isn’t easy either because you have to complete many obligations. Sometimes you may get a feeling that you cannot take it any longer, that something is going to explode in us and we will go crazy and that is it. But somehow we withstand it, smile politely at work and at home we keep our nerves under control. What else is left for us to do? Therefore, for your psychological comfort and own well-being you need to make time for your relaxation. As advised by many online magazines uk, you have every right, if not an obligation, to take a little time off in the afternoon. Do not worry, your household chores will not suffer. When you are rested you will achieve everything faster.

Physical activity

Running is a fantastic way to relieve stress. During the run your body releases negative emotions and it becomes calmer. Whilst running, the brain releases endorphins that improve mood.

If you do not like running, select another sport and spend at least 20 minutes on it every day. The effects will be amazing.

Long walk

A long walk in a pleasant place is another, very effective method of relaxation. You can also think about the things that irritated you during the day and decide whether it is worthwhile to give them any more time and emotion. The most important thing is that you change your environment and therefore the perspective - you will look at the troubling problem differently. If there are none, you can breathe the fresh air and let the body and mind relax. Bring your dog with you and the walk will be even nicer.


Meditation and all types of relaxation exercises are a great way to allow the mind to stay still. Meditation will allow you to bring into your mind the images of good and happy life. Calm yourself, then start to visualise yourself in situations you dream about, see yourself happy, relaxed and living in abundance with the eyes of your soul.

Work in the garden

Any form of contact with nature brilliantly relaxes and focusing on simple physical activities can help forget about complicated problems. Plant new plants in the garden, rake the leaves, mow the lawn - do whatever is right in the right season. If you do not have a garden, you can plant something nice on your balcony.


Cook for the joy of creation, for the pleasure of experimenting and tasting. Change the boring duty into pleasure. Introduce a new and interesting dish to your close ones – you will see how their faces enjoyed your food and will change your attitude towards the preparation of meals. You will also relax in your kitchen.


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