healthy lifestyle for children - the choice of right nappies will ensure the comfort of your child

What kind of diapers to choose?

Diapers are an essential purchase for a baby. Fortunately, these days there are many on the market, you can choose from thousands of models, types and brands. You have to remember to always buy diapers with approval, because the material that modern diapers are made from can affect the baby's skin and cause allergies in the future.

But still remains the problem of what to choose? You can have the usual throwaways or throwaway biodegradable or modern diapers that are reusable with replaceable inserts. Bien Magazine looks into this matter.

Comfortable, disposable nappies

In supermarkets you can buy diapers sometimes for very cheap. You have to think in those situations whether this type of product will not hurt your baby. It is important that the company that produced them are certified and that the nappies are absorbent. You may find that a huge box of diapers will last you a lot less than the small, branded packaging of disposable diapers. You need to test the diapers to see which brand does not irritate the skin and does not cause inflammation.

You can apply the principle of using the cheaper diapers during the day because the baby is changed often and at night, in turn, can use more expensive ones, as the child is wearing them for longer.

Reusable nappies

Reusable nappies, so-called, ecological, are made with excellent quality materials. They are equally tight and absorbing as the disposable ones. In most eco-friendly nappies we have an adjustable buckles which are good for both a baby and a two year old. In case of using the reusable diapers you do not need to reapply the cream to baby's skin, because the diaper is breathable, so the skin does not become sore.

Remember the environment

Few parents are aware that a typical toddler over three years of their life will use up to 1.5 tons of diapers which will decompose even for few hundred years, affecting global warming. Therefore, you should definitely choose biodegradable diapers, which are environmentally friendly, but, unfortunately, less easy on the wallet.

Which diapers to choose?

Parents decide to use both types of nappies- disposable or eco-friendly. Financially they come out the same, in the first case you are buying constantly, again and again, in the second you buy them once and for a long time.

Some parents are strongly opposed to using the disposable ones, which often cause sores, they argue that those diapers are no different from a foil bag.


Author: Bien Magazine

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