Bien Magazine - Dressing and tying laces are a real school of life for a toddler

Independent toddler, Part 2

A child begins to be very independent at the age of approximately thirty three months. It is trying to copy adults, which often ends up in a disaster for a small toddler. To prevent accidents happening usually during major activities, you need to properly encourage your little man to be independent. If it can do something well, you have to outwardly praise it. If it has trouble with something, it is good to reassure them that they will cope. A child supported like this will want to learn and meet the expectations of its parents. Independence becomes a pleasure for them and contribute to a healthy lifestyle for children.

School of hand washing

A toddler who becomes independent, sometimes only reaches the sink with the top of its head, therefore it is good to purchase a special non-slip stool, or steps, so it that will be taught to wash its hands alone. A child cannot use the classic bar of soap, so you might want to buy them colorful, fragrant soap to ensure they continue to enjoy maintaining daily hygiene.

You have to show your child how to wash its hands. What seems obvious to an adult is not the same for a toddler. We have to teach them how to wash hands from the outside, the inside and individual fingers.

School of tying laces

Tying shoes for many kids is a real nightmare. Little hands have trouble with coordination of movements. The small fingers cannot do loops and tie the laces. To prevent the little one from being tormented in the kindergarten, it is best to buy them shoes with Velcro, zip or slip on and at home regularly practice tying the laces with them.

School of dressing

The fact that you have to tell your child that it has to put on its underpants first and trousers after will bring many adults to tears, caused by laughter, of course. But how should the little one know what the correct order is for getting dressed using individual pieces of clothing?Learning to get dressed must be done in peace. You cannot shout at your child, you need to many times; fasten, unfasten, take off and put on something. You need to arm yourself with a little patience. When the child already knows how to dress, it is best to prepare clothes for them, for the next day - or let the toddler do it themselves. When clothing is laid out in the evening, it saves the stress in the morning.


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